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Essay on Population Explosion in the World with outlines

The Population Explosion: Causes and Consequences

❶Ninthly, the government should open free clinics for providing information, advice and other medical facilities to the masses at large. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

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Essay on Population Explosion Growth in India

The developing countries already facing a lack in their resources, and with the rapidly increasing population, the resources available per person are reduced further, leading to increased poverty, malnutrition, and other large population-related problems. As the number of people in a pyramid increases, so do the Robles related to the increased population.

The main factors affecting the population change are the birth rate, death rate and migration. The birth rate is the ratio between births and individuals in a specified population and time Miller, The death rate is the ratio between the number of deaths and individuals in a specified population and time Miller, Migration is the number of people moving in immigration or out emigration of a country, place or locality. The population change is calculated by the formula: The increase in birth rates due to medical improvements.

The decrease in death rates due to better medical facilities and advancements in the field of medicine. Immigration to better developed countries due to several reasons like better job opportunities, war, and natural causes like hurricanes, earthquakes, and so forth. Write from textbook b.

Write from textbook II. In countries like the United States U. However, in countries like India, immigration plays a very small role in the population change. Although people from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal, migrate to India; at the same time Indians migrate to other countries like the U.

During the war between India and Pakistan over Bangladesh, the immigration rate increased tremendously. However, currently the migration in India is —0. This is definitely good for India. This way, the population might eventually come close to being under control and more people may get better job opportunities and further education.

For example, the students in my university from India, like myself, have better chances for job opportunities and better education outside India than we would have had in India. The current rate of population growth in India is 1. Although the total fertility rate has decreased, due to the increase in the total number of women between the ages of 15 and 44 reproductive ages , the total number of births has increased.

This has lead to the current enormous population size of approximately 1 billion. This has greatly hampered the development of the Indian economy. The amount of resources that could have been available to one person a few years ago now need to be shared between two people, which is not sufficient for either of them.

The population increase has lead to air and water pollution, unemployment, poverty, lack of educational resources, and even malnourished women and children. Some of the programs have been successful, and the rate of increase has also reduced, but has still to reach the sustainable rate.

The major factors affecting the population increase of India are the rapidly increasing birth rate and decreasing death rates. We can follow strict birth control measures like China to decrease the birth rate, but we cannot go and decrease our technological advancements to decrease the death rate. Thus, our main emphasis falls on decreasing the birth rate.

These organizations aim to promote family planning as a basic human right and the norm of a two-child family on a voluntary basis, to achieve a balance between the population size and resources, and to provide education and services to all.

The success of family planning greatly depends on women and their status. Thus, it is imperative for the women to be educated so that they can decide on the number of children they want and be aware of the available birth control measures. Also, in a country like India, it is important for the women to have equal rights in the decision about the number of children to be produced. Women also need to get educated about the impacts of having so many children on their own bodies and the impacts on their children.

In addition, not only the young ones, but also the older women need to be educated so that they can teach the right family planning to their own daughters. India, being a diverse country, has people from all religions and of different family backgrounds. As mentioned earlier, in Islam, children are considered to be a gift of God, and thus Muslims do not believe in birth control measures. Also, among the Catholics, abortion is considered a sin.

Thus, the people from such sects of the society do not follow family planning. Considering the above factors, it is obvious that in India, the success of family planning programs depends on too many factors, making it a more complex operation than usual. However, this does not change the fact that birth control is extremely important in order to improve the life of the future generations in India in terms of better availability of resources and a better and clean world.

This social togetherness helped humans to survive through natural disasters and other problems. What exactly happened in the early 20th century? The industrial revolution is the answer, now humans were replaced by the machine to do heavy lifting work. Cars and trains transported people faster, Telegraph played its role in connecting people across the world. All these resulted in increased life expectancy, which helped the population to skyrocket.

Putting into simple words, the population is the number of people living in any geographical region.

The population of India is 2nd highest in the world with almost 1. Many schools and colleges organize various competitions like speech and essay competitions. Students are also asked to write articles on various topics in exams. This information will help you to write a better essay and to build a perfect speech.

You can modify the content as per your requirements as speeches and essays have different structures. The rapidly growing population is one the major problems faced by India. Along with it, there are other major problems faced by India, such as Corruption , Poverty , Black money , Unemployment , Illiteracy and many other. These problems are somehow correlated with each other. The rapidly rising population causes lack of education and job opportunities, which results in poverty.

Well, that is not the case in this scenario. The rapidly growing population has become a serious issue for India. The population of India has grown rapidly because birth rate in India is higher than the death rate.

With Improved medical facilities and access to hospital, medicines, the death rate is going down. Human life expectancy also increased in India in the last couple of decades. India is one of the youngest nations in the whole world and that population is in reproductive age. On top of it, lack of sex education awareness, the poor access to contraceptives acts as a catalyst in the rapid growth of population.

India is also facing the illegal immigration problem, a big number of immigrants, refugees come from neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. When a country has its population growing beyond manageable level, then it becomes a serious problem. The rising population causes the scarcity of facilities and resources like health and medical, hygiene , food and many other.

People cannot get the proper facilities provided by the government. We have a very little ratio of doctors to citizens. We go through vegetable, pulses, onion shortage almost every year.

Rising population in India is causing the huge unemployment in India , not enough jobs are getting create compared to population growth. There are not enough job opportunities available for this kind of huge population hence people are not able to work and earn. And that spread the sense of disparity and hopelessness in the society. Though Modi government is trying to bring in a lot of infrastructure projects, FDI in various industry, training schemes etc but the actual results are not that rosy.

Due to unemployment people cannot earn their living and hence are not able to satisfy their basic needs. Poverty is one of the major problem caused by the population explosion in India and illiteracy. There is not enough land to accommodate this huge amount of people. Cities are getting crowded. The transportation in cities can be seen flooded with the people. It also creates pressure on the housing. There are not enough residential places available in the urban areas to accommodate a huge number of people.

With this huge amount of people living in a small region, it definitely affects the environment around it. Jungles are cut down to make buildings, roads. Water, soil, air is becoming polluted. Due to deforestation natural habitat of wild animals is going extinct. Though the rapidly growing population has become a serious issue for India, it can be converted into a good opportunity too. The optimum growth in the population of a country can be utilized positively for the welfare of that country.

Population Explosion in India Essay Sample

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Population Explosion refers the sudden and rapid rise in the size of population, especially human population. It is an unchecked growth of human population caused as a result of: increased birth rate, decreased infant mortality rate, and; improved life expectancy. A drastic growth in population beyond normal limits is called population explosion.

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Population Explosion Intro of Population Explosion Population Explosion defined as a significant number of people staying in the individual area. It is a huge problem in India. In fact, in all over the world, it is increasing, especially in the poorer countries it is developing. During the Census, the Population increased by billion.

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Short Paragraph on Population Explosion Category: Blog On November 17, By Various Contributors Introduction: The word population comes from the Latin word ‘populus’. population of the United States will have increased from around million currently to around million by the end of the year , and to around million by the end of

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Of population explosion essay; essays: population is called a growing, liberal reforms essay of the india is no more about population growth is described by irresponsible owners,. No doubt about the threat of the principle of life changing decisions common application, india is still states. Mar 15,  · Essay on Population Explosion Growth in India Earth has formed billion years ago and the beginning of the existence of life in the form of microorganisms is /5(2).