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Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

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❶No , Working Papers, University of Houston. Very good, perfect for my school project.

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This makes it easy for you to save time because you just need to wear your uniform when going to school. This is very common especially for high school and college students. For fashion aficionado, wearing school uniform suppresses their way to express themselves.

School uniform prevents them from wearing the clothes they want to wear. Some students are also not comfortable with uniforms as you cannot just pick them from your closet. Usually, it will require you to iron them, so that you will not go to school wearing crumpled uniform. This will require some of your time just to prepare your uniform in the next day.

Another disadvantage of school uniform is that you are unable to show your personality through your clothing. You are not able to demonstrate your sense of fashion or style. You also need to purchase 2 or 3 sets of school uniform especially if your school is 6 days a week. In conclusion, wearing school uniform is the requirement of any school that you should not object. Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods. It prevents competition and teasing: When children wear their own clothes into school, this then becomes a time for them to judge each other.

Some children will be more mature than others, some will have better dress sense, and some will have more money at their disposal. With a school uniform everyone is the same, thus no one can argue this point.

It can enforce a positive attitude: The reason for this is that it can make you feel professional, and that that in turn can make you produce a better quality of work. The same is true of school children and if they are in shirts they will feel more like little workers and less like football fans. It can teach discipline: Though many jobs do not require a uniform, others do.

If you children are going to grow up to become nurses or checkout assistants then they may as well get used now to putting on the same uniform day in and out. It shows their age: At the end of the day you want people to know that your children are children. This prevents people from chatting them up or serving them alcohol. It can be used as an excuse: If a child is misbehaving and needs to be put in line, it can sometimes be difficult for a teacher to find a reason.

By telling them off for having their shirt un-tucked though you have a legitimate reason. This is often why there are dress codes in clubs though some parents would undoubtedly argue this was a bad reason to wear a uniform. They will also need several versions of the same outfit as their children will have to wear them five days a week. This is on top of the clothes they already had to wear.

They may well end up still wearing hand-me-downs from older siblings, or faded clothes from the charity shop too. They can give the school a bad name: If the children of a school are out causing trouble wearing the uniform from a school, it can reflect badly on that school and result in fewer parents wanting to send their children there. It can cause controversy: Someone has to design the uniform and someone has to choose what it consists of.

Likewise ties will be seen as a point of controversy again is there gender equality here? By letting children wear their own clothes you can avoid all of the politics involved here. They can stifle individuality: Some people say that school uniforms are good for creating a sense of authority and discipline in children, whereas other parents would argue this is undesirable and they would rather their children were more creative and more liberal.

At the same time they might feel that it takes away a way for children to express themselves and be more creative. Whether or not this is a good thing is entirely a matter of perspective. At the end of the day children would all love to wear their own uniforms. It would make children want to come to that school and it would make them a lot more likely to tow the line in other ways.

School uniforms by and large are ugly to look at and usually involve black and yellow stripes, mucus green jumpers and uncomfortable materials. Even just saying they have to wear a red jumper. If you are in charge of uniforms at your school then, maybe try thinking outside the box and ending the age old debate? Perhaps if you are little creative then you can satisfy both camps to at least some degree. This article was absolutely terrible I mean seriously. This is a really really good article and I needed this for a school project and I got everything I need!

Not all school uniforms are expensive. Also, how can students tease other students wearing ugly uniforms if they're all wearing the same uniforms? And also, when you mention that it causes controversy, why not have gender neutral uniforms? Or maybe give girls optional skirts, and boys optional ties. The description of the uniforms seems rather silly.

As if they all are alike. And where are you getting the black and yellow stripes? Most uniforms I have seen are navy. Not all uniforms are expensive and they are all different but kids should have their opinion on things. Very good source of information for my research paper, thank you very much for going into detail about every pros and cons you picked. We are writing an argumentative essay in in class about school uniforms and this was good research. Umm I think maybe you should be a little more polite.

I am doing a one on one debate in school about uniforms and this article not only helped me with my reasoning, but gave me some great insight on what my opponent will say! Your email address will not be published and required fields are marked. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Published on 03 March. Post navigation How to Become a Singer.

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The following persuasive essay about school uniforms will examine the pros and cons of school uniforms providing well-grounded arguments in favor and against this innovation. The current school uniform essay also includes the opinion of the experts regarding both sides of the debate.

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Pros andCons of School Uniforms Essay - It has been proven that when students wear uniforms to school their educational skills improve. This paper will explain the pros and cons of wearing uniforms to school.

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Pros and Cons on School Uniforms In the many schools around the world, whether it being public or private, to elementary to high schools, no matter what kind of schools, they are all eligible for acquiring school uniforms. Read on then and learn some of the plus and minus points about the controversial school uniform. Pros of School Uniforms. It helps you to find (though some parents would undoubtedly argue this was a bad reason to wear a uniform). Cons of School Uniforms. We are writing an argumentative essay in in class about school uniforms and this.

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Oct 30,  · 1. School Uniforms Stifle Creativity and Individuality. There are many school uniforms pros and cons -- one major argument against school uniforms often posed by students in the school uniforms debate is that school uniforms stifle creativity and freedom of blogithebestnx.gas: On the other hand, wearing school uniform does have its pros and cons. Read on to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of school uniform. Advantages of School Uniform One of the main advantages of school uniforms is the reality that every student looks the same.