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Cognitive Development

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❶He repeating the activities, e. The three theories that we will be comparing and contrasting are:

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Your research paper is written by certified writers Your requirements and targets are always met You are able to control the progress of your writing assigment You get a chance to become an excellent student! Cognitive Development The second stage is the preoperational stage. This stage spans from about the age of two until about the age of seven.

Here he studied at the university and received a doctorate in biology at the age of Following his schooling he became increasingly interested in psychology and began much research and studying of the subject Jean Piaget's cognitive development theory and Lawrence Kohlberg's moral development theory have been essential for researchers to gain a better understanding of child development For children at preoperational stage, hands-on practice, props and visual aids should be encouraged, educational instructors don not expect the child to understand different perspectives, and instruction should be short and more using actions as well as words.

Educational instructor for children on concrete operational stage should provide more chance to classify and group objects, give children the chance to manipulate objects and test out ideas, using familiar example to explain new ideas and presentation should be brief and organized.

For people on formal operational stage, educational instructor should continue use strategies and materials used in former stage, provide opportunity to explore various hypothetical problems and teaching concepts not just facts.

In conclusion, cognitive activities are related to process information through mental procedure. Schema Theory Schemas refer to mental process of understanding and knowing information. The schema theory suggests that existing schemas will influence cognitive process. If information is missing, the brain fills in blank based on existing schemas and creates memory alterations. For example, a kid has a schema about cats. And the child could think that all cats are small, clean and four legs.

Assume the child saw a large cat, the child will then take the new information, altering the existing scheme about cat to including this new information. Schemata are actually do not exist, they are hypothesized data framework which indicated that information or knowledge store in memory.

Assimilation refers to a process that takes new information to existing schema. The example above shows when a child seeing a cat and then mark it as a cat, is an example assimilating an animal to animal schema. Accommodation refers to a process that alerting existing schema in order to adopt the new information. During this stage, the child gathers experiences and continuously interacts with the environment. These experiences form images in the mind of the child.

He starts recognising symbols and tries to perceive their meanings. His memory starts developing and he becomes imaginative. He is impressed by the imaginary characters of stories and imagines himself like them. He is lost in his imaginary world and toys. He holds a stick like a sword and acts as a king. Girls act like their mother by wearing her 'dupatta' or 'sari'. He understands the meaning of many symbols. By observing the sign of he can recognize hospital. When mother gets ready, he understands that she is going out of the house.

He guesses the weight of an object. Acting like a doctor by size. He is self- centered during this stage. At this stage, the child becomes quite intelligent and worldly wise. He comes out of his imaginary world and is more realisticnow. He is able to reason out and make judgment. He goes to school and learns to cope up with many situations with the help of his reasoning power. Power of differentiation and analysis also start developing at this stage. He makes use of his abilities for his friends and their group activities, e.

During this stage intelligence, understanding and other mental capabilities are almost developed. Child is able to analyse the situations. He has foresight and reasoning capacity developed by then. He can take advantage of others experiences. He understands symbols, riddles, similes, poems and their meanings. Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge.

Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: He has described following stages of cognitive development: Sensory motor stage In this stage the child tries to achieve balance between H sense organs and motor activities.

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Development Thronging centuries, arguments about how information and knowledge be acquired, percept and organized tend to be settled. Cognitive process involves not only mental process but also thinking and knowing (Oakley. L,(). The word cognition can be defined as the process of learning or knowing information. This easy is going to explain the development of [ ].

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Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Jean Piaget looked at the concept of cognitive development from a biological angle.

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Cognitive development is best described as how a person's thought process develops, and how these thought processes impact how we comprehend and interact in the world (Cherry, ). As a person progresses through life from childhood to adulthood, the manner to which they take in knowledge and. This free Psychology essay on Essay: Cognitive development - Piaget, Vygotsky, and Information processing is perfect for Psychology students to use as an example.