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❶In fact, the organization insisted on the necessity to release all members of ETA which were imprisoned by Spain and provide an opportunity for its members to return to their country from exile. All of this information related to Spain's history and current state will be immensely useful in understanding the society we will soon become a part of.

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This is why the official authorities are forced to search for an adequate answer to killings and bombings organized by ETA. However, this does not mean that the peaceful process in the region has ended forever. In stark contrast, it is necessary to carefully analyze the factors that contributed to the failure of the peaceful process after March in order to avoid these obstacles in the future and, eventually, establish peace in the region and normal relationships between Basque and Spanish people.

It should be pointed out that it was the Spanish Socialist Party PSEO that was one of the major players in the peaceful process in the region. As for Basques, ETA was the major power in the region. Naturally, the peace is impossible without its participation. This militarized organization is traditionally characterized by extreme demands, such as independence of their country from Spain and larger rights for Basque population.

ETA has a serious impact on the local population and, consequently, its position is crucial in the process of ceasefire. In such a situation, the declaration about the ceasefire could be viewed as a really progressive step because it was a direct indication at the fact that ETA was ready for the peace talks and probably, the peaceful solution was really close.

No wonder that many specialists believed that March was the major step to the final solution of the Basque problem and that the end to the military actions in Spain was close Woolls. Unfortunately, the ceasefire lasted for less than a year. These violent attacks marked the failure of the policy of Spanish authorities and efforts of ETA to find a peaceful solution of the Basque problem. In such a situation, many specialists believe that peaceful process in the region is under a great threat.

However, it is always possible to find a non-violent way to solve any conflict Woolls. In spite of the failure of the ceasefire, this step symbolizes the readiness of ETA to peace talks. Consequently, the problem actually is whether the conflicting parties are really prepared to such a solution of the conflict. This means that the solution should be based on the agreement or consensus between ETA and Spanish authorities. On analyzing the period when the decision of ETA concerning the ceasefire was announced, it is necessary to underline that just a couple weeks before its announcement, Spain suffered from the most terrible terror attack in its history.

The notorious bombing of Madrid on 11 March has changed the entire country and affected dramatically the public opinion not only among Spanish people but also among Basques Woolls. After these terror attacks, terrorism was perceived as the most serious evil the modern society had to cope with. In such a situation, ETA had to reevaluate its current methods of struggle since it was obvious that after such terrible terror attacks the organization would hardly gain public support if it continued its violent attacks on Spanish people.

Moreover, it is worthy of mention that, initially, it was ETA that, as the officials believed, was responsible for terror attacks in Madrid on March Naturally, such allegations was a real threat to the popularity of ETA and its public support even among Basques, whose interests it actually protected. In such a situation, the continuation of the military struggle could be viewed as indirect evidence that ETA is at least partially responsible for that terror attack.

Obviously, the organization was not going to stop the struggle because it preserved its weapon and refused from disarmament. At the same time, the declaration of the ceasefire demonstrated to ordinary people that ETA looks for peace that was particularly important after Madrid bombings. In other words, ETA wanted to take initiative to create the positive public image and undermine the position of Spanish authorities.

The lack of efforts to establish peace in the region from the part of Spanish government could negatively influence its public image. In fact, people could believe that the government is unwilling to stop the military actions. In such a context, the ceasefire process was just a great bluff from the part of ETA.

Consequently, the peaceful solution of the Basque problem was practically impossible because ETA was not really ready to end its violent struggle. Unilateral ceasefire However, the assumption that the decision of ETA concerning the ceasefire was just a fraud, or a public relations trick, cannot be fully true. The reason is quite obvious since this was the unilateral ceasefire. This means that it was ETA that was the initiator of the ceasefire and by such a decision it actually offered its opponents to start or enhance the peace talks and find a peaceful solution of the current problems that actually nourished the conflict.

The explanation of such a paradoxical situation is quite obvious. ETA declared the ceasefire and it would be logical that the officials would stop any operations or efforts targeting at the destruction of ETA but there was actually no adequate response from the part of Spanish officials. Culture can be defined in many ways.

Generally it is understood to be "the set of values, customs, and beliefs that people have in common with other members of a social unit e.

As United States citizens we share a culture uniquely American. In order to be better prepared for life in Spain we must learn the Spanish culture. Often times "when people are faced with a new culture, it is not unusual for them to become confused and disoriented - a phenomenon known as culture shock" Greenberg, With an in depth look at Spain's culture, and within that their organizational practices, this can certainly be avoided.

Spain has an incredibly rich history. Early evidence of human habitation dates back almost , years spainview. Since then the peninsula has been populated by numerous cultures, and varying ethnicities. Having been conquered and re-conquered by different peoples over time, a large influence in today's culture can be seen from the Roman's who occupied the Iberian Peninsula for six centuries. After the fall of the Roman Empire and a brief occupation by Germanic peoples, Muslims migrated to the area and their presence remains there today, even with a heavily Christian population.

Around the time of the discovery of the America's, Jew's and Moore's were expelled from Spain. Later a French power ruled the country until the defeat of Napoleon's army. During the early 19th century with the increasing strength of the working class, Spain was declared a republic. This divided the country from the rest of Europe and only in did Spain become a constitutional monarchy spainview. Later democracy would open Spain up to The European Union.

This diverse history has created the Spain of today. With a population of over 44 million people, this constitutional monarchy is largely urban. Health care is offered by the government, but there is also privatized health care and health care plans offered by many employers.

Since Spain is a member of the European Union, the Euro is the form of currency used. This is due to the presence of the Romans in Spain until the fall of the Roman Empire. All of this information related to Spain's history and current state will be immensely useful in understanding the society we will soon become a part of.

Spain's rich and colorful history has profoundly influenced their culture, traditions, and organizational practices. Historically, dress has been an inseparable part of social status and this is definitely to be taken into consideration while working abroad, especially in Spain. Older executives and those in upper management levels maintain very high standards of dress. Usually, ultraconservative dark suits and white shirts prevail as the Spanish have a fondness for dark tones, especially black.

Conservative business attire isn't something that differs dramatically from America to Spain. However, personal adornments that signify success or social class should be subdued when living and working there. It is not popular to stand out, so you should always avoid flashy colors that bring attention.

The main focus of the dress code is to blend in with everyone else.

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Spain research papers focus on the geography and people of Spain. When writing a research paper on Spain, more than likely you will want to focus on the geography and people of Spain. With a population of more than 40 million, Spain is one of the financial and cultural centers of Western Europe.

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Hence, research into the factors related to the political, legal, economic, socio-cultural, and technological environment of Spain were conducted. This was combined with a SWOT analysis of Tourist Australia to make the appropriate recommendations.

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Spain Research Paper From rugged mountain ranges to soft-sand beaches, dazzling white cities to Gothic cathedrals and mosques, colorful religious festivals to . Essay Spain Spain, a country occupying the greater part of the Iberian Peninsula, and bounded on the north by the Bay of Biscay, France, and Andorra, and on the east by the Mediterranean Sea. The Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa are governed as provinces of Spain.

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Spain research paper proposal. Essay keywords and phrases cheats: essay keywords and phrases cheats. dog essay writing letter going to do my essay about autism. Spain's rich and colorful history has profoundly influenced their culture, traditions, and organizational practices. Historically, dress has been an inseparable part of social status and this is definitely to be taken into consideration while working abroad, especially in Spain.4/4(1).